DIY Fall Wreath

Watch the time lapse video:


Let’s make a fall wreath!

Wreaths are so beautiful and not only is it an old custom tradition, but a craft for all occasions to add to your home. 

Here’s what you’ll want to make a wreath:

  • A circular, squared or rectangle base for your wreath (grapevine, foam, wire, a hanger, old picture frame, etc)
  • Floral wire
  • Branches
  • Twine or yarn

Gather leaves/branches from outside

Be sure you have permission to clip from wherever you choose to forage. I trimmed a few branches off my olive tree and gave it a rinse to get rid of any bugs and webs. When trimming, cut from the lower limbs and small sections of the branches.

Cut your materials into segments

Try to clip your branches into 4-5 inch segments. Want a wilder look? Cut your branches into a variety of 4-8 inches. 

If you're using wire, round your wire into a circle

There are various frames to craft your own wreath like grapevine, wire, wood, cardboard as well! My DIY base of choice for my wreath today is an unused picture frame.

Now you’re ready to add the branches!

Start by picking a few branches to make small bouquets. Hold it against the base and wrap a piece of wire/twine near the bottom of the branch to secure it. Repeat to layer around.

Take a moment to add any additional leaves, flowers and refine your wreath by clipping out any pieces that are too long or too full.

Tie twine or string on the base to make a loop for hanging your wreath. If you’ve wrapped leaves around in a full circle, be sure to lift your leaves and tie your loop underneath to avoid showing the strings.

...and that’s it! :)

Here's what we made in the office!