How to Clean AVRE White Sneakers

AVRE Momentum Series  - Tie back laces Momentum Grey and White

There’s nothing better than a brand new pair of white sneakers! The clean, crisp look is something we all strive for at one point or another. The trouble is, once they get dirty, how do you get them back to looking brand new? Let’s discuss a few tips on how to clean white shoes.

  • Gently scrub the shoe with a wet cloth. (Can add mild soap if necessary) 
    • Everyone has a cloth at home that can be used to clean shoes. Simply stuff your shoe with some old t-shirts (newspaper or anything else you have around the house also works!), wet your cloth, and start gently scrubbing away any dirt or scuffs. You can always add some mild soap to your cloth if necessary. Then, wipe your shoes dry and you’re good to go! 
    • Use a magic eraser.
    • Magic erasers work wonders at getting scuffs out of shoe soles. This is one of the best answers to how to clean white shoes. There are many variations of them, so find the one that works for you at your local grocery or convenience store! 
    AVRElife Life Force - Chunky Heel Shoe Life Force in White and Black
    • Buy a pair of AVRE shoes! 
      •  AVRE shoes are built to be durable and low-maintenance, meaning when they need a refresh, you can just throw them straight into your washing machine! Not only that, but since they are so easily re-washable, they are eco-friendly in that you do not have to keep buying new pairs of shoes when they are seemingly ruined. You may ask, “can you put shoes in the washer?” or “can you put sneakers in the dryer?” And to that, we say that washing shoes in the washer and drying them is one of the easiest ways to clean our shoes. How do you do that?
      1.  Remove the insole - either cork or algae bloom
      2. Do not need to remove laces- some shoes don't allow for it. 
      3. Wash any color in cold to lukewarm water with ANY detergent
      4. Adding bleach is ok, only on WHITE shoes and if they are extra dirty, but we recommend pre-treating them instead.
      5. Highly recommend air dry  or Tumble dry low.
      6. Replace insole when shoe is completely dry.
        ***Remember to take out the inner sole before you wash them.  AVRE shoes  have a sole made from wood cork and should try to avoid from getting it wet. ******

          Ultimately, washing shoes of all colors is a tough challenge we all face. Hopefully, these tips helped answer how to clean your shoes. Whether it be scrubbing by hand or throwing in the machine, the task of washing shoes can be daunting. That’s why we made AVRE shoes machine-washable! How do you normally clean your white shoes?