How to Gift Yourself a Spring Break During the Pandemic

This pandemic has been challenging for everyone. Quarantining, while at first felt like a break, can now make one feel trapped inside the house. This doesn’t have to be the case! Here is how to gift yourself a Spring Break during the pandemic

Research scenic areas nearby.

    • Ask some friends if they know of any scenic areas. You can also hop online and do a quick search of what cool spots are near your city. Decide how far you are willing to travel and what time you are able to go, and go from there. Visiting beaches, lakes, parks, viewpoints, and hiking trails is the perfect way to gift yourself a Spring Break during the pandemic!

Pack a bag!

    • Based on what spot you chose, pack accordingly. Make sure to at least pack a reusable water bottle, some snacks, and an extra jacket/layer just in case. Depending on how long you plan on staying at the location, other fun items to bring could include a book, a journal, a sketchpad, and a speaker to play some music! You cannot gift yourself a Spring Break during the pandemic without packing the essentials!

    Lace up your AVRE shoes and go!

      • Now that you have chosen a spot and your bag as packed, all that is left to do is put on/lace up your favorite pair of AVRE shoes and go! If the area is secluded, it is always a good idea to let a close friend or family member know where you will be. To gift yourself a Spring Break during the pandemic, we recommend the AVRE Infinity Glides to keep you looking fashionable as you take on any trail, or the AVRE Energee for more support without sacrificing aesthetics! 
      AVRElife Energee Shoe - Chunky Heel Shoe in Canyon Clay

      Unplug and enjoy the scenery.

        • Now you know exactly how to gift yourself a Spring Break during the pandemic. Finally, your preparation has paid off. Exhale and enjoy your surroundings! If you choose, you can unplug from your devices. Reflect on how you have been feeling recently and let yourself breathe. Now is the perfect time to break out that book/journal/sketchpad if you brought one! Listen to your favorite music and enjoy your well-deserved spring break.

        We hope this guide helped you visualize an action plan for how to gift yourself a Spring Break during the pandemic. Big or small, any sort of break can help clear your mind and prepare you for whatever life throws your way. Physical self-care is important, but so is mental self-care. These tips don’t have to be for a Spring Break, they can be for any weekend you feel the need to get away! Have you ever planned yourself a mini-getaway?