How To: Manage Anxiety During a Pandemic

After months of quarantine, we all had our hopes that COVID-19 would come to an end soon. At least in time for us to enjoy our Summer. However, as re-openings (and re-closings) come about and many people gathering in crowds refuse to wear masks, the second wave is here (if the first wave ever even left..).

Pandemics can affect you personally, like instilling fear and anxiety or simply just driving you crazy being stuck in the house. Unfortunately, yes, Netflix does get old. So, we thought it important to address anxiety, and most importantly, how to manage anxiety during a pandemic. 

1. Do your research.

Most people follow mainstream media or simply use one source for information. It’s important to fact check all sources and stay up to date with what is actually happening, especially in your community. When you’re well informed, you stray from following things that aren’t true, which ultimately helps the anxiety you may have about false reports.

2. Go outside!

Even though most places are closed, make sure you get outside! Whether it’s grabbing a bite on an outdoor patio, taking a walk in your community or even just sitting outside your home can help you enjoy the sunlight and receive some Vitamin D.

3. CBD

No not THC, CBD. CBD gummies or oil can help calm your nerves whenever you may be feeling them. Some of our favorite brands are Charlottes Web, Sunday Scaries and NotPot! They’re tasty and can give you a sense of relief without the effects of THC.

4. Self-Care

Self-care is key. Whether you take a nice bath, treat yourself to some takeout, binge watch a series, or do a face mask, any form of self care can relax you and help you feel calm in times of stress! If you’re still anxious after this, at least you’ll look and feel good! 

5. Keep your space clean.

People often forget about this one. Keeping your space clean is essential! If your apartment, house, room or whatever space you spend most of your time in is messy, you’ll be feeling messy. Aka. Anxiety. 

6. Communicate with your loved ones!

Maintaining some sort of connection while quarantined (even if it’s with your family, roommate, even your dog) can help you feel comfortable and less anxious. You’ll be able to feel your loved ones with you, even when you can’t see them in person! 

7. Do something that you love.

Doing something that you thoroughly enjoy will help you feel positive and ready to take on what comes your way! Whether you’re going on a run, shopping, or simply just cooking your favorite dinner, it’s important to continue to do the things you love, even in quarantine (happy hour applies here too..).

8. Check in with yourself.

Take some time to ask yourself how you’re feeling and then write those feelings down. This will help you sort through your emotions and better help you understand why it is you’re feeling the way you are.

9. See a doctor, energy healer or mental health professional (virtually..)

We are by no means medical professionals, but sometimes seeing someone who’s experienced in mental health can help you figure out where your anxiety is coming from, and help you work through it. If you’re looking to avoid a doctor or a therapist, try a reikiest or energy healer to clear your body of any negative energy.

10. Know that things are out of your control. 

During uncertain times, sometimes acknowledging things are out of your control and trying to relax are the only things you can really do. Have some calming tea, read a book and stop reading (or watching) the news for now. Everything is going to be alright.

In conclusion...

Anxiety can be tricky, unpleasant and overall put a wrench in the way you go about your day. Try and do the best you can to ease some of these feelings. Remember, although we do not know when this pandemic will end, we know we will make it through!