How to Style Your Sneakers For Business Casual



With changing trends, some questions that arise include, “what are the most comfortable work shoes?” and “are sneakers business casual?” In anticipation of being able to head back into school or the office, we know that these questions are becoming increasingly relevant. In this blog post, we will be exploring how to dress up sneakers for work.



First, wearing a skirt or dress is a classic way to elevate a pair of sneakers. A long skirt paired with some low-rise sneakers exudes an effortless and comfortable yet more “dressed up” vibe. If you would rather wear a shorter skirt, you can add some stockings and high-top shoes


Jumpsuits are the easiest way to look composed with minimal effort. An elegant jumpsuit worn with sneakers provides a sophisticated feel that is perfect for the office! Not to mention, jumpsuits are the best no-fuss way to look a little more dressed up than usual. If you are ever getting ready and asking yourself how to dress up sneakers for work, a jumpsuit could be your answer!


When you match your shoe color with the color of another statement piece from your outfit, the look comes off as intentional and put-together. For example, wearing pink sneakers (we recommend the AVRE Momentum shoe in Fuchsia) with a pink blazer could be the perfect playful office look! A more classic look would be black sneakers with another black piece in your outfit, in case you ever find yourself asking, “are black sneakers business casual?”



Monochromatic looks are the perfect embodiment of business casual. Sticking to neutrals such as cream and beige creates a polished and unified appearance that will have your coworkers blown away. They won’t even notice that you’re wearing sneakers to work!

So are sneakers okay for business casual? We think yes! The next time you find yourself asking, “Can I wear sneakers for business casual?” you can rest assured that you definitely can. We hope that this blog post helped you answer the question of how to dress up sneakers for work. What pair of AVRE shoes would you most likely wear into the office?