Wellness Habits We Should All Adopt

WIth all the negative energy circulating, it’s important to stay positive and continue to keep a high standard for our mental health and overall wellness. Think about taking this quality quarantine time to begin new healthy habits. 

If you’re looking into some new ideas, pick a few from this list to start!

Get Outside:

I think it’s so important to keep your body moving. Especially during a time like this, you automatically think you need to stay inside. If you work from home, take a moment to go outside, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay! 

Stay Active:

I think we all have more time now than ever before to stay or get active. It would be such a great idea to improve your health and come out of this quarantine feeling 100% better than when we started. There are so many fitness bloggers filming at home workouts, Instagram Lives, and filming YouTube videos. If you are new to fitness, my suggestion is trying beginners yoga before searching for a high intensity training video.

Stay Hydrated:

Water does so many great things for our body, that this should definitely be a top priority. Water  helps you digest your food, hydrates your skin and your muscles, and helps you feel full, longer. Keep your water next to you at all times. Eventually you’ll be reaching for it more often than you think. 

Improve Your Posture:

Guilty as charged over here! I will be the first to admit that my posture needs some work. Throughout the day, try to remind yourself to sit up straight and take a few deep breaths. When you are hunched over, your lungs don’t take in as much oxygen as they do when you are sitting correctly. Try to improve your posture (and strength) by planking and stretching for a minute each day, and increase your time as days go on. You can also research and opt for support braces or other tech gadgets that will help remind you to lengthen your spine.

Nail That Skincare Routine!

Doing your full skincare routine after a long, full day at work can sometimes feel tedious. Definitely take this time to practice the ultimate self-care, which is skincare. Remind yourself to do your whole skincare routine every night or maybe even try a DIY face mask! Either way, you’ll come out of this quarantine radiant and glowing!