Avrelife Masks

AVRE’s priorities have always been to be an advocate for the safety and well-being of the planet and our community.

We took it upon ourselves to create premium washable and reusable face masks designed with our signature recycled threads. Each AVRE face mask is knitted with fibers spun out of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

It’s important to us to provide you a way to feel safe and protected during this time. We offer exclusive filters that have been tested by independent 3rd-party labs using the GB 2626-19 test standards--accomplishing maximum protection, high-quality, and comfort, while keeping sustainability in mind. → Read more details about our premium filters

Our masks and filters were made to enhance your day-to-day life while adding protection and less discomfort than other cloth masks.

With each mask that is purchased, we vow to donate 5 masks to a local organization that is in need.

Enjoy AVRE
Enjoy AVRE
Enjoy AVRE

AVRE masks have been designed with love and care for our environment and communities.

Designed with our signature threads, our masks are fully machine washable, and reusable. For a personal and inclusive fit, optional ear loops are included to enhanced your comfort.

With our planet in mind, reducing our global footprint without compromising design, quality, and comfort is what we will continue to strive for.

For ultimate protection, AVRE’s high-grade filters underwent rigorous quality control to ensure high bacterial filtration levels and resistance providing the highest performance level.
All AVRE mask filters are compostable, non-toxic, breathable, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Doesn’t get any better than this.
→ Read more details about our premium filters
Enjoy AVRE



Our signature threads have been designed to reduce plastic waste with a minimized manufacturing process.

Protect yourself and the community without sacrificing sustainability, breathability, and style.


With each mask that is purchased, AVRE donates 5 masks to a local organization that is in need.

Your purchase benefits communities that are in need of the same protection as healthcare workers, first responders, and all those in the essential workforce.


It is important to us to provide easily accessible masks and filters to those in search of wanting to feel safe and comfortable throughout their daily life

AVRE masks are meant to empower you to slow the spread and protect yourself and those around you.


To ensure maxium protection for you and the community...

AVRE filters are -

  • • non-toxic to you and the environment

  • • recycleable and easy to decompose

  • • moisture-proof, breathable, and flexible

  • • lightweight and safe for sensitive skin


We know the struggle when it comes to masks.

AVRE masks have been created as the best alternative to disposable masks. With ours being washable and reuseable, AVRE masks offer the feeling of safety for both yourself, the community around you, as well as the environment.

The perfect alternative to replace those itchy and hard to breath in masks.


AVRE masks are not a replacement for PPE or medical grade masks and should not be used as a replacement for COVID-19 preventative measures.

AVRE masks are not FDA approved and are not medical grade masks. Please be sure to wash all masks before each use and after every wear. Please remember to wash your hands before putting on your masks and refrain from touching your face.

To protect yourself and those around you, all AVRE masks and filters are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

To learn more about slowing the spread, please refer to:

CDC: How To Protect Yourself & Others for official CDC guidelines.