AVRE was born out of necessity to transform the industry with the inspiration to pursue a sustainable footwear brand for the empowered woman. AVRE does exactly that by using recycled plastics bottles on our quest to craft trendy and comfy footwear.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.

Our Mission

Having the desire to make a positive and sustainable change is what went into creating AVRE to be

Authentic, Versatile, Responsible, and Empowered.

Here at AVRE, we live for the moments of taking action by being a contributing factor in our lives and for our planet. Join us as we embark on this journey.


Moisture Wicking. Flexible. Durable. Washable

Our signature repurposed threads made out of recycled water bottles form to the shape of your foot , providing maximum comfort, and flexibility. Our innovative 3D knit-to-shape technology has led us to minimize waste and make a difference for our future generations.

AVRE Cares

The carbon footprint we leave behind is of utmost importance for us and with our innovative manufacturing process and materials we are able to:

Reduce our use of energy by about 45%. This results in improving air quality by emitting over 30% less greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

Lessen our water consumption by nearly 20% because recycling water is just as important as recycling paper and plastic.

Lower emissions by using renewable materials, recycled packaging, tags, and paper to protect our rainforests and trees.

All of that without compromising style and comfort. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Our Promise

A Revolution is already taking place. Since day one, our goal has been to focus on building a community around sustainability even in the smallest way.

To us, it’s not about being perfect. We promise to continue to strive for the ultimate goal of a zero-waste future without compromising design and comfort.

AVRE is committed to being mindful of all the ways to promote women supporting women and merging that path with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

With that in mind, we pledge to be tireless in our efforts to remain dedicated to positively
impact you and our planet.

Our Founders

Two sisters… two confident businesswomen… two sustainability advocates...

Julie and Connie, created AVRE with the purpose to improve the world for the benefit of future generations.

A 39-year family history in the footwear industry allowed them to witness first-hand the negative influence fashion has on our environment. Compelled to think outside the box, they developed an innovative manufacturing and design process to produce AVRE footwear from recycled materials.

Inspired to create a brand in a male-dominated industry, they vowed to motivate other women to feel empowered to pursue their goals. They aspire to foster the same strength and encouragement that they received from their own family to other women. The very footing of each AVRE shoe is to recognize
and celebrate every woman’s step towards an authentic, versatile, responsible, and empowered life.