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Anchored by four core values – Authenticity, Versatility, Responsibility, and Empowerment.

AVRE hopes to inspire women from all walks of life to live a sustainable and empowered lifestyle. Don’t waste it, wear it is our mission with each one of our AVRE styles. Leave an eco-conscious footprint to lead the way for a better tomorrow.

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A California born startup, AVRE was founded in November 2019 based around the message of sustainability and women empowerment. With the spirit of the Earth and women in mind, AVRE was built to be defined as Authentic, Versatile, Responsible, and Empowered. Rooted with the vision of creating elevated yet responsible and sustainable footwear, AVRE has quickly become the go-to shoe for the ‘it-girl’, mom on-the-go, and everyone in between.

Our commitment is to remind the fashion industry that responsible and sustainable practices are possible when designing and crafting modern athleisure shoes. Looking good should feel good, and our goal is to be part of the movement of change for the future.



It all started with the idea of wanting to do better within the footwear industry. We take recycled plastics and transform these renewable materials into each AVRE shoe.

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Not only do we care about style and comfort.

We care about the footprint we leave on the environment.

By using recycled threads, we are able to:

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Reduce our use of energy by about 45%, thus, resulting in improving air quality by emitting over 30% less greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

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Lessen our water consumption by nearly 20% because recycling water is just as important as recycling paper and plastic.

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Lower emissions by using renewable materials, recycled packaging, tags, and paper to protect our rainforests and trees.

Avre shoes

The recycled threads of each AVRE shoe is moisture wicking, flexible, and incredibly durable. We have chosen these fibers to decrease waste in landfills, protect our oceans, and reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe in recycling to lessen water use, air pollution, conserve natural resources, and reduce our carbon footprint every way we can.