Avrelife Environmental



After long years of research and development, we became committed to reducing the environmental impact that carbon emissions, water, and waste makes on our Earth. We sourced the most sustainable fibers and material available to create our shoes, materials, and packaging to meet your high standards.

Luxury quality is important. Designing and manufacturing for durability to reduce the need to throw shoes in landfills is why we pay attention to the small details. Our Earth’s future is dependent on how we treat and take care of it.

Sustainable practices create sustainable shoes.

Enjoy AVRE
Enjoy AVRE

Our Packaging

We know that the packaging your shoes call home is just as important as the shoes you are purchasing. We take so much pride in our products – right down to our recycled packaging.

Our recycled boxes are designed to be strong enough to withhold your shoes and the shipment process. This eliminates the small box-shipped in a bigger box method, thus creating less waste for our environment. We made sure to design the AVRE shoe boxes to be resealable to create an easy and convenient return process.

As a sustainable brand, we know that every effort in reducing as much waste as possible is important. The small efforts we make, can make the biggest impact.