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3rd Party Testing

Independent Third-Party Tested

The safety of our community is just as important as the health of our environment.We took the extra step of having our filters undergo a rigorous quality control and performance testing process to ensure consistent and reliable standards that have been verified by independent third party labs using the GB2626-19 test standards.

GB 2626-2019

Product Classification

KN95 Protective Filter (Non-Medical)

Performance Standard


Filtration Efficiency

≥ 95% BFE

Similar to


AVRE's GB 2626-19 filter technology is similar to the protection of the N95 filtration with the addition of GB 2626-2019 standard testing which verifies bacterial filtration level, particulate filtration level, flammability, fluid penetration and inhalation/exhalation resistance.

The safety of our community is just as important as the health of our environment. AVRE filters are recyclable and easy to decompose to continue our efforts in reducing waste and our global footprint.

We made sure to create our filters with top quality materials. Created for those with even the most sensitive skin, each premium grade filter is designed with 4 layers of bacterial filtration: 2 layers of high-efficiency melt-blown polypropylene and 2 layers of non-woven fabric that acts as a physical barrier against even the most microscopic particles.


We call it the new generation of environmentally friendly filter, and we want you to have first access.