Avrelife Masks

AVRE’s priorities have always been to be an advocate for the planet and to promote the well being of others.

We took it upon ourselves to create face masks designed with our signature recycled threads. Each AVRE face mask is knitted with fibers spun out of recycled PET plastic.

With each mask that is purchased, we vow to donate 5 masks to a local organization that is in need.

Enjoy AVRE
Enjoy AVRE


Black & Lt Grey

Enjoy AVRE
Enjoy AVRE


AVRE masks are not a replacement for PPE or medical grade masks and should not be used as a replacement for COVID-19 preventative measures

AVRE masks are not FDA approved and are not medical grade masks. Please be sure to wash all masks before each use and after every wear. Please remember to wash your hands before putting on your masks and refrain from touching your face.

To protect yourself and those around you, all AVRE masks and filters are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

To learn more about slowing the spread, please refer to:

CDC: How To Protect Yourself & Others for official CDC guidelines.

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