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It is estimated that one tenth of all plastic that is created every year eventually ends up in one of our oceans. Plastic water bottles play a major role in this staggering statistic, and many water bottles eventually end up on the ocean floor. Every pair of shoes from our signature Avre collection keeps 8-10 plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans.

Our manufacturing process helps to give a second life to plastic while reducing trash in our landfills. AVRE signature materials are composed of repurposed plastic bottles, also known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate). These innovative materials have moisture wicking-properties and provide enhanced flexibility creating more freedom of movement for the ultimate comfort.

Groundbreaking materials and practices are the driving force behind AVRE. Our 3D Knit-To-Shape technology drastically reduces waste by creating precise sizes and eliminating the creation of scraps. Innovation is the tool allowing us to create solutions for the environmental issues we are facing in the fashion industry. AVRE is always striving to minimize our carbon footprint in every way possible.

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We are committed to making a difference in our planet for future generations. We know that good things take time and our sustainable journey is one we cannot do alone.


It all started with the idea of wanting to create socially responsible and environmentally-friendly products. We take recycled plastics and transform these renewable materials into AVRE shoes.

The Avre Process


Not only are we creating sustainable shoes, but we are also bringing to you beautiful, comfortable, and eco-friendly alternatives. Built to be durable and low-maintenance, all of our AVRE shoes are machine washable. Simply throw them in the wash when they need a little brightening up.

Enjoy AVRE
Enjoy AVRE


We know that the packaging your shoes call home is just as important as the shoes you are purchasing. We take so much pride in our products – right down to our recycled packaging.

Our recycled boxes are designed to be strong enough to withhold your shoes and the shipment process. This eliminates the small box-shipped in a bigger box method, thus creating less waste for our environment. We made sure to design the AVRE shoeboxes to be resealable to create an easy and convenient return process.

As a sustainable brand, we know that every effort in reducing as much waste as possible is important. The small efforts we make can make the biggest impact.


We are all about making a difference. Leave a positive impact on others and our planet.

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