3 Ways to Style the Athflow Fashion Trend with AVRE Shoes

You have heard of Athleisure, but what is Athflow? Pinterest defines the trend as, "Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits” that are “professional enough for the ‘office,’ stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy enough for the couch."

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many have had to adapt to the WFH (work-from-home) lifestyle which left the question of, “What do I wear to a meeting being held in my kitchen?!” Athflow offers a simple solution: Combine elegance with comfortable athleisure. The Athflow trend allows those who WFH to be comfortable with ultimate mobility without having to surrender to restrictive work-appropriate attire. Featuring more “modern silhouettes and dressier fabrics,” Athflow is the meeting point between comfy and chic. Without further ado, here are three ways to style the Athflow Fashion Trend with AVRE Shoes. 

Look 1: Style the Athflow Fashion Trend with AVRE Shoes ー Momentum White and Grey

AVRE shoes Momentum Series - slip on with laces in white and grey

This jumpsuit is a loose, simple and easy outfit that beautifully embodies Athflow; flowy, breathable, non-restrictive, yet still tasteful. The best outfits are the ones that require minimal effort but provide stunning results!

This clean, no-fuss outfit is completed with the AVRE Momentum in White and Grey to ensure the athletic feel.

Look 2: Style the Athflow Fashion Trend With AVRE Shoes ー Life Force White


This outfit features a silky, off-the shoulder top, checking off the box of the dressier fabric. The flowy pants are perfect for lounging and perfect for sitting through a Zoom meeting. This look is sure to have all eyes on (virtual) you!

Add in the Athleisure-aspect with a pair of the AVRE Life Force shoes in White and you’re good to go. 

Look 3: Style the Athflow Fashion Trend with AVRE Shoes ー Life Force Beige Blush

AVRE shoes - Life Force Beige Blush

Another jumpsuit, but a completely different vibe. This look offers the simplicity and sophistication of a jumpsuit without the boring aspect. The thick straps add an element of tasteful risk that does not draw too much attention. Who would not want to attend a Zoom meeting in such a comfy yet cute outfit?  

Finish the look off with a pair of trusty AVRE Life Force sneakers in Beige Blush!

We hope this guide on how to style the Athflow fashion trend with AVRE shoes gave you the Athflow Inspo you need to prepare your wardrobe for the rest of the year. Athflow is the perfect year-round trend. The beauty of Athflow is that you can feel comfortable both physically and mentally knowing that you look graceful and put-together. What do you think of Athflow? Share this with someone you know would look amazing in one of these Athflow outfits with AVRE shoes!