A Peace of Mind — DIY Mini Zen Garden

Watch the video tutorial:


On behalf of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10th) to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world, we’d like to share how you can make a little miniature zen garden to help you increase mindfulness at home or at the office. A zen garden is a place where peace can be found, a place to meditate and admire the simplicity of elements placed in design.

 Materials you can use from home or buy from your local art store:

  • A container
  • Small tray/bowl/plate with sides
  • Sand
  • Small rocks, twigs, small items
  • A fork/chopstick to use as a miniature rake


Add sand to your bowl or tray

Fill sand close to the top and spread the sand evenly and leveled as possible. You can gently shake your container side to side to even it out. 

Place your rocks and features into your zen garden

Take some time to think about what the stones represent. Try not to clutter, but you can also include other items like an air plant, pieces of wood, various types and sizes of rocks.
Keep it simple.


Rake the sand with a fork or stick

This will help ease the mind, destress or process your thoughts.
This practice promotes feelings of tranquility and calm.

Black and Brown Bottle on Brown Wooden Table 

Feel free to add your favorite essential oils to enhance your zen experience. Add a few drops directly to the sand.


Enjoy your zen garden!