How To Make Succulent Arrangements with Reusable Cans/Jars from Home

Watch the video tutorial here:

Succulents are drought tolerant and require minimal watering. They are also extremely easy to propagate. All you need to do is save the leaves that have been broken off, place them on top soil and they will form new plants. Talk about being sustainable!...

Let’s make one! — See what you can repurpose around your home. I’m using an empty cat food tin can.

These are optional, but here’s what you’ll want for making your terrarium:
  • Glass jar / empty can / wine glass / clear cup / old bowl
  • Succulents / succulent cuttings
  • Soil (cactus mixing potting soil)
  • Rocks / pebbles, sand
  • Moss
  • Spoon or chopstick 

Find containers you’d like to use

Add soil

Cactus mix is much looser than normal potting soil and works better for succulents.You can pour soil to a minimum depth of an inch. Make a hole in the center with your finger.


Add plant(s)

Take your succulent out of its original container and shake off as much soil as possible without damaging its roots. If you’re using cuttings, place your plant right into the hole you’ve made.

You can add as many succulents as you’d like. Don’t worry about overcrowding as most succulents are bunched up.

Place rocks/pebbles

Using a tweezer, spoon or chopstick can help place your rocks or pebbles where you want them.

Dress it up &—Tada!