How to Clean AVRE Shoes



To start, here are the most common questions we receive when it comes to cleaning AVRE shoes: 

Can you put AVRE shoes in the washing machine?

We recommend cleaning every pair of AVRE shoes by hand.

Can I use shoe brushes to clean my shoes?

Using any type of stiff brush may cause the thread to loosen or even stretch. Please opt for a soft cloth, microfiber cloths, or an extra soft toothbrush. If you decide to use a shoe brush, please use it on the bottom outsole of your AVRE shoe only.


Now let's get started on our best cleaning practices. 

AVRE shoes were designed to be chic and modern, yet comfortable.

If your pair of sustainable AVRE shoes need a little ‘TLC’, here’s our official guide on how to clean your AVRE shoes in 4 easy steps.


1. Brush Away Excess Dirt

Use a soft cloth or an extra soft bristled toothbrush to gently brush away dirt on the fabric upper of your shoe. Use light handed motions to avoid loosening or stretching the threads.


2. Spot Clean

Start by spraying your favorite stain remover solution onto the soft cloth. Option to create your own cleaning solution by combining warm water and a small amount of clear, gentle laundry detergent. You can then tap in circular motions to lift and remove stains.

If your lighter colored shoes have more difficult stains, be gentle when using an extra-soft toothbrush. With a light hand, brush out stains in circular motions.

TIP 1: Please veer away from chlorine bleach and opt for a bleach alternative like a color-safe oxygen bleach when cleaning your white or light AVRE shoes.
TIP 2: To ensure you don’t spread existing stains, be sure to keep a second bowl of clean, warm water to periodically rinse the cloth or toothbrush.


3. Remove The Cleaning Solution

Especially when cleaning lighter colored shoes, please make sure to fully remove excess cleaning solution that may be left on the shoes. Wipe down the exterior of your shoes with a clean damp cloth to prevent discoloration or ‘stiffness’ within the threads.


4. Allow Shoes To Air-Dry

To better retain their shape, please allow your AVRE shoes to completely air-dry in a cool, dry spot that is out of direct sunlight.