Welcome To The Official AVRE Blog


Welcome to The Official AVRE Blog! The ladies of the AVRE team wanted to create a go-to space to find tips on sustainability, wellness, and lifestyle. 

We are so happy to have such loyal customers and felt that we should give you even more value, other than creating chic and sustainable shoes. This leads us to, what is AVRE and who is behind the blog.


AVRE is a newly launched sustainable footwear brand. This brand is a California born start-up company that began with the idea of wanting to create eco-conscious footwear with elevated and chic designs. AVRE had a goal to remind people that manufacturing shoes responsibly and sustainably are possible without sacrificing style, comfort, and durability. Each AVRE shoe is created with approximately 8-10 water bottles. Read more about our mission and sustainable process by clicking here.


You’re probably wondering who is behind the blog and why was the blog created. Three of the ladies that make up the AVRE team came together and wanted to bring more value to the social aspect of the company. We felt that it would be important to share our personal, eco-friendly knowledge and even highlight and collaborate with some of our favorite influencers to share their insight as well. 

Everyone here on the AVRE team appreciates all the support. Never miss an update by subscribing to our newsletters. 

We hope you enjoy the content! 

  • The AVRE Team