National Clean Beaches Week

National Clean Beaches week is the time to raise awareness of keeping our beaches clean. Clean Beaches Coalition is asking beachgoers to help preserve our beautiful beaches and protect people from the natural hazards that can occur at the shore. 

Here are 7 things you can do to take care of our beaches this week!

  1. Leave no trace (what you carry in, carry out)
  2. Move your body (walk, run, or swim)
  3. Don’t tread the dunes (use a walkover or walk-thru)
  4. Know your limits (swim, surf, and boat safely)
  5. You are what you eat (eat healthy seafood)
  6. Feed your mind (read a book)
  7. Respect the ocean (riptides, storms, natural resources)

With warmer weather, it is expected to see a lot of beachgoers this 4th of July weekend. If you make a trip down to the beach, please keep the tips above in mind - we must not forget the importance of reducing our impact on our beaches.

Here at AVRE we celebrate this week because our shoes are made out of recycled plastic, a process that reduces plastic waste. Around 60 million water bottles are used daily in the US and approximately 18,834,000,000 are dumped in landfills/oceans. Our goal is to continue to raise awareness and to use recycled bottles to create our shoes. The AVRE team will be joining the Clean Beaches Coalition in all their efforts during National Clean Beaches week.