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AVRE Cares

Each purchase you make means you are making a difference for the environment. It results in us giving back to organizations and that is something we thrive to do. In an effort to support sustainability, conservation, and women empowerment 10% of our proceeds are donated to Oceana and Girls In Tech.

Giving Back


Oceana is near and dear to our hearts considering this organization works exclusively to protect and restore the ocean on a global scale. Plastic bottles can take approximately 450 years to decompose in the ocean, and we want to help do our part by supporting Oceana’s goals of protecting marine life and their habitats. Oceana is the world’s largest international organization dedicated to saving our oceans, and we are elated to be able to be a part of that movement.

Girls In Tech

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit that supports putting an end to gender inequality in the high-tech and startup industries. With one of our brand messages being women empowerment, we feel it’s necessary to support the mission of Girls in Tech.

Technology is always evolving and with Girls In Tech providing resources and education to young women will open endless possibilities for their future. We believe this organization helps shape young women's lives to feel confident within their careers, and we are proud to help contribute and empower women to receive opportunities in both their personal and professional journeys.